Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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This is an update from somewhere between January 8th and 12th

Sorry if it feels like we are a little slow letting you know how Joseph is doing. Life has been crazy for us. Joseph is doing great!!! Today he had his chest tubes removed which is a major step in recovery. He was also able to get up and sit in a chair this morning and later on this afternoon he walked next door to a new room in the ICU. This room has a window that leads to outside instead of the hall like his last room. I can't say it is a room with a view though. It looks out onto the roof, but he will be able to tell what the weather is like every day. He should be out of ICU in a few more days. Joseph's new heart is working perfectly and there have been no complications, which is a first for Joseph in many ways. We are grateful for all the prayers in our behalf and so appreciate the love and support from family and friends. It really does make a difference. Another thing to note - the phone # we gave you was the wrong one (we were given the wrong one) I would give you the new one but it changed again today and I forgot to find out what the newest # is. We will let you know. Also, the question has been asked if you can send him things such as cards and flowers, and other such stuff. The answer is yes to any and all. The only thing not allowed is latex balloons - all balloons must be mylar. Otherwise, he can have anything he wants including any food he wants. Hope your day is going as well as ours.

Love, Brad and Wendy

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