Sunday, July 27, 2008

Disney World

Disney World was amazing and fabulous and wonderful. The trip couldn't have been better. It really was a wish come true for Joseph and he was able to do everything he dreamed of. To hear more details of our trip check out the Disney World Vacation blog that you can link to from this site.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Make A Wish Party

On Monday Joseph had his Make a Wish send off party. He invited the teachers quorum, aka really loud, obnoxious boys, and Brother Shelley and his family and Grandma and Grandpa Talbert. We all went up to the Make a Wish building in Murray and there he was given stuff for our trip. We received things like games and puzzle books for the airplane trip; lots of snacks for the airplane trip; ponchos and sunscreen for Disney World; and the info and expense check for our trip. Afterwards, Joseph etched his name on a star and raised it to the ceiling to stay there forever. We finished off the party with cake and ice cream. Joseph had so much fun. He couldn't stop smiling and his eyes sparkled so much. It was wonderful. Next is our vacation!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Disneyworld here we come!

We are going to Disney World for Joseph's Make a Wish Vacation! We will be leaving on the 18th of July and returning on the 24th of July. We will be staying at the Caribe Royale hotel and our trip will be coordinated by the people at Give Kids the World - they are volunteers that have an entire village set up just for wish families. We will have access to their village which includes a pool, an all you can eat ice cream parlor, a theater, and some game rooms among other stuff. Our hotel's pool includes a 75 foot water slide and looks very sweet. We will also be going to all of the Disney World venues that we can, including the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, MGM Studios, and two water parks. It will be crazy but it will be an absolute blast. We will post pictures after the trip.

Lfie is Great!!

Well, it has been a couple months since I last wrote an update but life for Joseph is Great!!! At the end of April Joseph was released from his isolation time and the first activity he did was to go to scouts and bike 10 miles. It was really hard and he didn't keep up with the other boys even a little but he made it to the end and he was never as tired as he was before the transplant. Joseph's biopsy in May was good - no rejection - and since then life has been all uphill. Joseph has gone to only seeing the doctor every three weeks - this was mostly due to our need to be other places when he should be going to the doctor, the first time was for Kent's graduation and the second time was for Diane's wedding, and the third time was for scout camp. Normally he should still be at every other week visits. Some of Joseph's other accomplishments are that his longest bike ride has been 14 1/2 miles. He can swim so much better than before - his body likes the water better and he doesn't get as shivery and he also has a lot more energy and swimming doesn't wear him out as much. Joseph is also a lot more bouncy and energetic and has a smile on his face far more often. It is amazing what feeling good can do for your attitude. Joseph will have his next biopsy before he goes back to school in August, but for now life is more normal than it has ever been and it shows in his personality and in the way he enjoys his friends and family more. Life is certainly great!!!