Monday, April 28, 2008


This is a recording Joseph did to help Primary Children's with their radiothon (hope it works!)

Joseph's Recording

Thursday, April 17, 2008

update 4/17/08

Right after I posted the last update Joseph had a biopsy that showed mild rejection. This was not a happy day for Joseph. All the good things he was looking forward to had to be postponed. He had to increase his steroids, add a medicine that he had already finished and continue on one that he was looking forward to stopping that day. He also was not allowed to go to young men's as had been the plan and we had to continue our twice weekly visits. Time makes everything better and 3 weeks later Joseph is back down on his steroids and looking forward to getting off of some medication and we are only seeing the doctor once a week. He has had no physical signs of rejection except for the biopsy results and that means we are catching it early. He continues to have so much energy and to be extremely active. He is running and biking and doing pretty good at keeping up with his friends (who have been wonderful to spend so much time with Joseph, it makes his days go by so much faster). Overall we feel very good about his health. His next biopsy is on May 2nd and we don't expect any rejection because the doctor also changed one of his long term meds and hopefully that will keep it from returning.