Tuesday, January 29, 2008


On Monday this week, after his check-up, Joseph's doctor mentioned that they are still monitoring a few chemical levels in his body, but that if all went well this week, they would send him home on Friday. This is of course only tentative, and still may change. They also took out the last of the drainage tubes from his stomach on Monday. Needless to say, he felt better almost immediately. Things are looking up for him.

We have also learned the rules for visitors after he does come home (this week or next).He can have any visitors at home as long as they are healthy and they have not been around any sick people, like at home. This is very important because any sickness minor to us would be terrible for him. We are supposed to call the hospital if he has a cough, a sneeze, a runny nose, etc., etc. We will also ask all visitors (for Joseph or anyone else in the house) to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer when they enter. Otherwise he can have any number of visitors at once..and he really wants visitors. He cannot go out to places where there are groups of people where we can't control the potential for random sickness. So he will not be going to church, the mall, school, etc., etc. for quite a few months. He can go to the park, around the block, camping, and even the theater if he only goes during the 'off' time like the middle of a week day four weeks after the release.

Everyone is excited for him to come home, nobody wants him to get sick, so we will be somewhat cautious.


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