Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today was a wonderful day for our family. At noon Joseph's doctor came by and asked if he felt like going home today. The answer was yes and so here we are tonight our whole family together at home. Joseph was in the hospital for 24 days. There is still a lot to do. He will need to take it easy and continue to recover, along with staying away from crowds. He also will have to have regular biopsys and see the doctor twice a week besides. We already are going back for the next biopsy on Friday but it is good to be home for a day of relaxing before that. Joseph has already had some friends drop by tonight and it is easy to see how friends and family make a difference in his recovery. We are grateful for all the prayers in our behalf, it has certainly made a difference in all that Joseph has been through. Now we will work on the routine of taking a ton of medicine and checking blood pressure, temperature and pulse twice a day, but oh it is so good to have him home with us!!!!


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Suz said...

Wow. We are so excited for you and the whole things has been a huge miracle that has been fun to watch unfold. It is amazing of the Lord's love for Joseph and His hand in his life. There is nothing more to say. It is a miracle!
I 'll have to tell you a funny from our house with Ashley. I was showing her the pictures off the website and explaining that he got a new heart, ect... In her 4 year old mind it translated as..."Joseph Smith got a new heart" I have tried to tell her, no, it is your cousing Joseph. She will not listen to me and insists it is Joseph Smith and she even has this long confusing account of the whole thing.
Congratulations and we are thinking of you all!!--Susan