Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So far March is off to a great start!! Last week Joseph had a stent put into a blood vessel near his heart. We will be adding pictures of the before and after now that our computer is working again after a major hard drive crash. The procedure went great and I think it makes him feel a little better. Also, the rejection from a couple weeks ago is gone and the pressures in his left and right ventricles are decreasing. He won't have another biopsy for a month and he is certainly not complaining about that! Yesterday Joseph went in for his normal Monday visit and we were thrilled to find out his albumin and protein levels in his blood are not only up but they are the best they have been in two years. Since the 10th of February he has lost 9 pounds of fluid in his body and he still has more to go. However, he is looking a lot more like his old self and his energy level continues to go up. He had an especially fun Saturday this week when first he played the WII with his cousin, Diane, and then later had four friends come over to hang out and play video games. The best part is that afterwards he wasn't so worn out that he couldn't cope with things happening around him. The hardest part for him now is the isolation that will continue for another couple months. He is restless and wishes he could go to young mens and to church and even to the store. By the time he is done with this he will have gained a lot of patience. We are just thrilled to have the protein losing enteropathy resolving and to have him enjoying things he hasn't really enjoyed for the last year.

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