Friday, February 8, 2008


Yesterday was the one month anniversary of Joseph's transplant!! We cannot feel more blessed than we have been. Joseph continues to improve. He is gaining more strength and is having more energy all the time. Yesterday he even managed to go downstairs and hang out with me and he was able to get himself back up the stairs later on. Joseph is still struggling with fluid in his belly though. This week the fluid came back at least as bad as before the transplant if not worse. We are still hopeful that this time it will be only temporary. His body is starting to create albumin again and that is an important step to having the protein losing problem resolved. He is currently in the middle of his fourth biopsy. So far all the biopsys have been normal and we believe this one will be also. They are also going to drain a little fluid off of his belly so it is not so uncomfortable for him. This is all same day surgery procedures so we will be home again this evening. Being at home has been the best thing for Joseph. (and for our whole family) He finds a lot more to smile about and is just a lot more at peace with the recovery process. His main goal in life now is to be "a normal person" by summer. I am not sure that anyone in our family will ever be completely normal but we can hope for it anyways.


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